Reply To: Rollingstone – Albert Magnoli's 2016 Interview



    What was Prince’s reaction to its success?


    We never talked about it. We were able to screen it in front of a live audience three times, but he never went to a screening. But the producers did. The studio was concerned about the scene where Morris and Jerome put the girl into the dumpster. In the first screening the reaction was hilarious. The studio came to me and said, “Listen, we know the reaction but we think this is a bit dangerous to keep in the movie and would you mind taking it out for the second screening?” I said, “I don’t think it’s necessary, but sure.” We took it out for the second screening and nothing happens. So as we waited for the third screening, we said, “What are we going to do about the dumpster?” I said, “It’s going to go back in.”

    By the third screening, they said, “Okay, we have something here.” They originally thought to put it in 200 theaters but that jumped to 900, and within a week that number jumped to 1,000.

    We had discussed doing a true musical [sequel] – singing and dancing – a Broadway show on film.

    Source: Rollingstone