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    “Let’s Get Crazy” continues as we…

    CUT TO:


    Morris moves lasciviously into the
    BEDROOM wearing a red muscle T-shirt,
    orange baggy shorts, and green knee-hi
    socks fastened to garters. A yellow
    bandanna holds up his hair.

    The bedroom is a MESS. A VACUUM CLEANER
    stands like a sentry in the middle of
    the floor. He turns it on, blazes a
    path to his closet. He yanks out a well-
    pressed suit, holds it against him,
    strikes a sexy, half-lidded pose only a
    mother could love–

    Oh, Lord …

    “Let’s Get Crazy” continues as we …

    CUT TO:

    (8) EXT. CLUB (1ST AVE. ST. BAR) — NIGHT

    The STREETS are swollen with TRAFFIC.
    KIDS are packed onto the sidewalk,
    waiting to get into the club. Prince,
    riding his MOTORCYCLE, weaves between
    jammed cars, then blasts down a narrow
    alley leading to the rear entrance. His
    guitar is slung across his back. He
    chains up his bike, moves past a CROWD
    of KIDS, cuts inside.

    ‘Let’s Get Crazy” continues as we …

    CUT TO:

    (9) EXT. STREETS #2 — NIGHT

    A SEVILLE sweeps to a stop. The
    Businessman is at the wheel. Vanity