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    welcome The Time.
    Sudden APPLAUSE and CRIES. Vanity and
    Jill turn directly into the path of
    Prince, descending the Steps of the
    stage. Vanity gasps, LOCKS eyes with
    him. Jill seems to jump out of her skin
    — it’s obvious she has a crush on him
    something awful–

    Hi ya, Prince — God I liked
    that song, it’s real fun.

    She fidgets uncontrollably, Vanity’s
    card burning a hole into her hand.
    Prince glances at the card, then stares
    at Vanity, the ripeness of her look
    paralyzing. He tears his eyes away,
    puts on his sunglasses, looks toward the


    MORRIS and The Time rip into a funk tune
    called “Jungle Love.” Their stranglehold
    on the audience is instantaneous.
    Morris struts across the stage like a
    panther, playing to the audience with a
    relish. His eyes fastened on Prince —
    his pride unmistakable.

    PRINCE watches Morris a moment, then
    eyes Vanity again. The heat between
    them is apparent. Vanity’s heart is
    pounding, she’s not sure what to do.
    She keeps her eyes on Morris, hoping
    that a Solution will present itself.

    PRINCE watches as Jill tacks the card to
    a board behind the bar. Sizing up the
    situation quickly, he again glances at
    Vanity — but her eyes are fastened on
    Morris. Feeling terribly shy and
    thinking there’s nothing he can do to
    divert her attention away from him, he
    reluctantly heads for the front door.
    Vanity finally hits upon something to