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    motorcycle, BLAZES past her from the
    opposite direction. She starts running,

    Hey wait!

    But Prince is too far away, the traffic
    too congested for him to hear. He whips
    down the street, disappears around the

    Vanity continues running, then slows,
    dejection overcoming her in waves. She
    looks around — KIDS are staring at her,
    passing jokes. Embarrassed, She moves
    to the front door but Chick is there,
    his eyes upon her cold, impassionate.

    Exhausted and slightly tearful, she cuts
    across the street, heads back to her


    Prince WHIPS down the street, cuts his
    motor, coasts up the drive. He comes to
    a stop against a wooden gate. His house
    is a nondescript, one-family structure
    with a wide front porch. He lives in a
    neat and tidy, homogeneous, lower middle-
    class neighborhood whose occupants are
    hard-working type fiercely protective of
    their privacy.

    He climbs the steps to the porch, opens
    the front door…

    …his mother’s SCREAM is like ice in his
    veins. Fear trickles into the hollows
    of his body like cold water, His pain
    commands him to move, but the impulse
    short circuits somewhere at the waist,
    leaving his legs twitching
    uncontrollably. Then another SCREAM
    from his mother, and his father’s voice
    now, LOUD and FURIOUS–