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    combination of passages. An old washer
    and dryer stand in the corner.

    Prince descends the steps slowly. He
    comes through a door, closes it behind
    him. He moves down a narrow passageway,
    enters a small cramped BEDROOM.

    He closes the door and locks it behind
    him. MOONLIGHT filters in through the
    casement windows. The total effect is
    like entering a womb, a deep dark
    chamber of security and safety.

    Lying heavily onto his bed, he sighs
    long and deep, his eyes piercing the


    FADE IN:


    MUSIC wafts through the sun-drenched
    CLUB. Jill is seated at the PIANO, ‘a
    la Marlene Dietrich, SINGING to her
    heart’s content. A cigarette dangles
    from her lip, a police cap is perched
    jauntily on her head. It’s a simple bar
    tune, delivered slightly off-key, but
    with an openness that is endearing.
    Chick is working in the corner,
    chuckling to himself, stacking chairs,
    sweeping up.

    Suddenly she stops — listens intently.
    She jumps up, deliberately spills her
    orange juice on the piano. Prince comes
    around the corner, stops short–

    What are you doing here?

    She’s a bundle of loose, embarrassing
    ends — the cigarette, hat, juice–