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    AIRES is onstage, a hi-techno funk
    group, performing their trademark, a
    frenzied song entitled “Modern Aire”
    The floor is dense with KIDS, all
    performing the same syncopated dance.

    PRINCE moves through the club slowly,
    seems to be searching someone out. His
    face is drawn and haggard, his spirits
    strained. He cuts past the BAR, barely
    acknowledges Jill, or the other
    WAITRESSES by her side, KIM and KATY.
    Jill looks concerned–

    Honey, you still chasing after
    that fool?

    Kim is 21 years and gorgeous, with dark
    eyes, a smooth sculpted face, and taut
    shapely legs. She is street-educated
    and doesn’t need encouraging to speak
    her mind. Katy is also in her-early
    20’s, a tall, alluring Oriental, with an
    attractive, intelligent face–

    I’m doing what I’m doing.
    It’s my business.

    He doesn’t even look at you.
    That’s the last thing you want
    from a man.

    You just don’t know him like I

    Honey… Look, Listen, and
    then Feel. If you do them in
    any other order, you’re headed
    for trouble.

    Matt and Bobby (members of Prince’s
    group) stroll up–