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    An air of tension permeates the room.
    Lisa sits in the corner and fidgets,
    casts sidelong looks to Prince. He sits
    apart from the group, deathly silent,
    locked in thouqht.

    Wendy walks in and shares a look with
    Lisa. She goes up to Prince, her voice
    filled with nervousness–

    Hi ya, Prince. I heard
    through the grapevine you had
    a new tune written by two
    great girls. By chance did
    you hear it?

    He stares at her — if looks could kill
    Wendy would be dead–

    I knew it — he didn’t listen
    to it. He probably dropped it
    under his bike and rolled over

    Prince grunts, turns away — Wendy is

    Wow! Okay…you think about
    this. I’m going to be real
    honest with you. You’re
    really being full of shit.

    Forget about it, Wendy. Let’s
    get out of here–

    But Wendy, agitated, silences her with a
    fierce gesture–

    (to Prince)
    Every time we give you a song,
    you say you’re going to use
    it, but you never do. You
    always think that we’re doing