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    She stands idly a moment, then moves
    around the antechamber. Various
    KNICKNACKS catch her attention. Small
    wind-up TOYS lie about: a soldier, a
    bear banging on a drum, a tractor and
    car. A small MUSIC BOX sits on a shelf.
    She turns the handle, a little TUNE
    fills the room…

    A cassette sits in the player. She
    snaps it shut, hits the play button. A
    DRUM BEAT fills the room, followed by a
    WOMAN’S VOICE, seemingly speaking in a
    foreign tongue. The combination is
    hypnotic and sensual — she finds
    herself drawn in …

    Suddenly Prince grabs her by the waist,
    lets out a SHRIEK. She draws a out
    breath, jumps–

    If you think you scared me,
    you didn’t.

    Oh, yeah …

    He puts his index finger directly in
    front of her nose, moves it back and
    forth hypnotically. She follows it
    earnestly with her eyes. Suddenly, he
    pulls his hand away, stretches it to the
    ceiling like an escaping bird. They
    both smile, lock eyes. Passion rings in
    their veins…

    The Woman’s VOICE begins to moan deeply,

    Who’s the lucky girl? Sounds
    like she was having a good

    She’s crying — it’s
    backwards. It makes me sad