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    MUSIC fills the room. He listens
    intently a moment, his face placid. He
    closes his eyes, tries to relax …

    Suddenly a DOOR SLAMS in the far reaches
    of the house. Harsh FOOTSTEPS echo
    through the upstairs hallway. Prince
    remains still, his eyes closed…

    Then another deathly DOOR SLAM! GLASS
    dissolves in its frame and trickles to
    the floor like icicles. Resentment
    surges in him like a tornado. He rises
    purposefully, turns the MUSIC up…

    …And then his door SMASHES open and
    his Mother LUNGES into the room in a
    PANIC. She flings herself onto his bed
    as his Father streaks in and WHACKS!
    WHACKS! WHACKS! at her with a strap,
    SCREAMING at her with an ominous growl
    of rage–

    You ain’t got no business
    leaving here! All your
    sneaking around — you’re just
    a sinner! You’re nothing but
    a low life sinner!

    The Mother throws herself at him
    drunkenly, starts slapping, scratching
    at his face–

    Shut up! You don’t care about
    me! Leave me alone!

    Prince claws desperately at his Father’s

    Don’t I keep the heat on?
    Isn’t there food in the