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    Suddenly Prince’s eyes widen with
    horror. A CAR is parked across the
    access road, waiting to cross the track.
    He shoots a look to the Engineer — the
    Guy is laughing hysterically now,
    BLASTING his HORN wildly, mouthing the
    words: Bye Bye!

    Prince screams like a MADMAN! He
    twists his throttle FULL! He blazes
    ahead of the train, BLASTS! up the
    embankment, SAILS through the air…

    …a BRICK WALL cuts the access road in

    He SCREAMS in bloody terror! He hits
    the road and fishtails wildly, locking
    his brakes. The WALL comes at him like
    a locomotive. He’s going to hit it,
    knows it and…

    He twists his throttle violently BLASTS!
    directly into the path of the train!

    The Engineer looks on in horror! Prince
    throws his weight forward and…

    …the train ROARS past him as he
    fishtails wildly to a stop.

    The Engineer sails off into the dusk,
    his mouth agape. Prince sits there
    breathing fiercely, the adrenaline
    shrieking though his veins, watching
    the train disappear into the distance.


    SHOPPERS flood the sidewalks, rushing for the buses that
    take them home. TRAFFIC clogs at the 77 intersections
    while PEDESTRIANS walk against the lights. Prince rides
    down the streets, hugging the right shoulder, impatient with
    the delays. He blasts down a side street, sees FLASHING
    LIGHTS up ahead. GAWKERS are already crowding around.

    He moves through the TRAFFIC slowly,