Reply To: Purple Rain – Previous Script


    Prince is on-stage, deep into the
    closing moments of “Computer Blue.” He
    paces back and forth frantically, still
    locked in his own private hell. The
    Crowd’s attention has wandered, however,
    and very few remain on the dance floor,
    finding it too much trouble to keep up
    with the changing shifts in the music.
    Even his band members are edgy, casting
    quick looks to each other, wishing to
    get on with more compelling audience-
    pleasing sounds.

    as Billy Sparks shakes hands with Morris
    and Jerome and is introduced to Vanity
    Six for the first time. We can tell by
    his reaction that he likes what he sees.
    He kisses Brenda and Susan, saves a
    special squeeze for Vanity herself. He
    escorts the whole group to a table
    across the floor. Vanity brings up the
    rear, casts a quick look to Prince

    fastens on her and brings “Computer
    Blue” to a rousing end. The Crowd
    applauds, but it’s more out of respect
    than eagerness. He doesn’t seem to
    notice though, or care. He confers
    quickly with his group., then moves
    center-stage. The Band Members trade
    frustrated looks with each other — it’s
    obvious that they have some trouble with
    the next song…

    Prince presses his lips to the mike, and
    the MUSIC starts. He begins SINGING
    “Darling Nicky”–

    I knew a girl named Nicky,
    I guess you can say she was a
    sex fiend.
    I met her in a hotel lobby
    masturbating in magazines.
    She said, How’d you like to