Reply To: Purple Rain – Previous Script


    Yeah — you got it. Tell me
    I’m wrong.
    (a beat)
    You’re not blind. Look around
    you. No one’s digging you.

    Prince turns away–

    Look at your band. Are they
    in here right now? They’re
    out there ’cause they can’t
    stand being in the same room
    with you.
    (a beat)
    What a fucking waste…like
    father, like son–

    Lay off that!

    Billy turns to go–

    Take your head out of your
    ass, Prince, check it out —
    unless you like the view up
    there. Your music doesn’t
    make sense to anyone but

    He closes the door behind him. Prince
    stands dully a moment, then sits heavily
    in a chair. Exhaustion suddenly
    overwhelms him. He rests his head in
    his hands, moments tick by…

    He shakes himself awake — Morris and
    Jerome stand by the door–

    That was fucked up what you
    did man. Morris doesn’t like
    it. And being a part of this –
    – I don’t like it either.

    I don’t care.