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    sits slack-jawed in amazement. The
    SPOTLIGHT is hers and she soaks it in,
    radiating a sexiness that has the
    audience at her feet. The entire
    concept — dress, dance, music and
    staging — is overwhelming, with just
    the right degree of playfulness to allow
    the Crowd easy passage into the fantasy
    world the Girls create. Brenda and
    Susan play off her wonderfully, sharing
    secret looks with the Crowd, balancing
    the wickedness of the act with an
    innocence that is enticing. They’re
    working strongly as a unit now, the
    AUDIENCE roaring their approval…

    and Jerome are beside themselves with
    happiness. The pull off their shades
    immediately, sit back and glow in the
    audience’s response.

    stands in the back, his eyes glued to
    Vanity. Her strength and sureness in
    front of the Crowd is breathtaking. The
    audience loves her and he suddenly feels
    very alone — as if another wall has
    gone up between them. He looks away a
    moment and spots…

    …Morris looking at him with a self-
    satisfied, triumphant grin on his face.
    Prince looks away, moves out of his

    “Sex Shooter” comes to an end. The
    stage is plunged into darkness. The
    CROWD goes WILD, leaps to their feet,
    begging for more. The Girls, slightly
    over-whelmed by the response and
    flushing deep red, hold one another
    tightly and take repeated bows.

    watches the Girls bowing to thunderous
    APPLAUSE. Suddenly Vanity looks at him
    and touches the earring she’s wearing —