Reply To: Purple Rain – Previous Script


    her drunken state–

    What’s your problem now?
    What’s your main problem?

    No problem. I just wanted to
    talk, alright? I just want us
    to be okay, to really get
    along. No big deal.

    She cackles, falls flat on her ass,
    hoists herself up–

    No big deal, huh…

    She pulls Morris’ FLASK from her jacket
    — his eyes blacken–

    Give me that.

    No, definitely not. Who are
    you? You can’t tell me what
    to do.

    She puts it to her lips–

    Please don’t drink that. Give
    it to me.

    She holds the flask to her lips
    defiantly, then goes to drink.

    He lashes out suddenly, SMASHES it from
    her grip. She SCREAMS wildly, SLAPS him
    hard across the face. He stands shocked
    a moment, his rage surging within him,
    smashing through every safety valve he’s
    acquired in his life. He BACKHANDS her
    savagely across the jaw.

    She hits the ground like a rag doll. He
    looks at her curiously, bends over her –