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    – she sucker-punches him with everything
    she’s got! He SCREAMS in rage and grabs
    her hands as they flail about his face.
    He squeezes her fingers back while the
    tears stream down her cheeks and her
    mouth forms a silent “ow”! She bares
    her teeth angrily and he sucks at her
    mouth, biting and kissing her in a fever

    She kicks at him violently, hot tears
    streaming down her cheeks. He jams his
    leg between hers, rubs it firmly against
    her bottom. She struggles helplessly
    against him as he covers her breasts,
    her stomach, her thighs with his lips.
    Quick breaths escape from her — her
    breathing begins to race…

    He snaps her panties in two, pulls them
    from between her legs. She spreads
    herself as he releases his pants. She
    squeezes his buttocks, pulls him toward
    her — but Prince resists her coldly,
    regards her with contempt. Suddenly he
    flips her onto her stomach, forces her
    to stand painfully on her knees. He
    rubs his hand between her buttocks, then
    thrusts into her painfully, driving
    himself to the very depths of her…

    …but she stifles a cry, arches her
    back, and meets his thrusts fiercely,
    moving quicker and quicker, banging her
    buttocks against his thighs again and
    again. She’s drawing from him now,
    turning the humiliation around,
    obtaining all that she needs and
    desires. He’s powerless — her thrusts
    set the pace. She rises, Prince still
    inside her and tugs on him rapidly,
    causing him to ejaculate suddenly,
    drawing from him a sharp and sudden

    She moves away, draws her coat tightly
    about her, fixes him with a contemptuous