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    hallway to the antechamber…

    Suddenly we HEAR a TAPE REWINDING.
    After a moment…MUSIC and we
    immediately recognize it as Lisa’s and
    Wendy’s SONG. It plays a moment, then
    snaps off abruptly. He stands locked in
    thought, then sits behind the piano,
    hunts for the first few notes of Lisa’s
    and Wendy’s song…



    Prince’s Father is lying on the bed,
    sleeping peacefully. A large bandage is
    wrapped along the back of his head. His
    Mother sits by his side, her forehead
    resting on the covers, her hands holding
    his. She’s in deep sleep, and it’s
    obvious at once that she’s been by his
    side the entire time…

    Prince steps from the shadows of the
    room and gazes at them fighting back the
    emotion that wells within him. He leans
    close and kisses them both gently then–

    Let’s bring them back! Ladies
    and gentlemen, The Time!

    (106) INT. CLUB (1ST AVE. ST. BAR) — NIGHT

    The CROWD goes WILD! Morris, Jerome and
    the Time return to the stage to a
    frenzied throng. The PLACE is PACKED,
    the CROWD applauding like MAD! LASER
    LIGHTS strobe the house in a frenzy.
    It’s a glorious night, and Morris struts
    back and forth imperialistically criss-
    crossing the stage like a lion, urging
    the audience on. He grabs a mike–