Reply To: Purple Rain – Previous Script


    You love us right?! You want
    us right?! I can’t hear you!

    The CROWD is SCREAMING — Morris flashes
    a wide, exaggerated grin–

    What time is it?!
    (a beat)

    And MUSIC. The Time launches into “The
    Bird” and Morris, laughing heartily,
    does ‘The Bird” (dance) with Jerome as
    the audience ROARS their approval.


    as Prince and his Band sit in grave
    silence, the exuberant SOUNDS of the
    CLUB filtering through the open door.
    Jill is also in the room, sitting on a
    table, holding the dog silently in her
    lap. She casts sidelong looks to
    Prince, tears welling in her eyes.

    The Band Members fidget nervously,
    knowing full well that their jobs are on
    the line, and feeling awful about the
    personal tragedy that has befallen
    Prince. The entire situation is very
    tense, and it’s made worse every time
    the crowd lets out a delighted ROAR of
    approval. But Prince sits placidly, his
    face an enigma, his feelings a mystery.

    (108) INT. CLUB — NIGHT

    And it couldn’t be more of a contrast!
    The place is a riot of color and raucous
    carryings on. “The Bird” is a smashing
    success with everyone on the dance floor
    trying gamely to get the steps right.
    Morris and Jerome are flushed with
    pride, surprising even themselves with
    their impromptu adjustments to the act.
    The MUSIC crescendos, then comes to a
    rousing blistering end!