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    (111) INT. CLUB — NIGHT

    Prince hits the stage and the APPLAUSE
    grows, but it’ s nothing like the
    exuberance that greeted Morris. He
    moves center-stage and plants himself
    there, his eyes staring into the

    leans against the bar, a smug look on
    his face.

    walks slowly up the stairs, gazes at

    does not move. The APPLAUSE trickles
    away. He continues to stare in the
    audience making no attempt to direct his
    Band, or start a tune. A nervous
    TWITTER ripples through the crowd. Those
    who know about the tragedy feel a
    profound embarrassment for him — but no
    one turns away. Then his voice comes
    clear and mellifluous–

    I would like to do a song that
    two of my friends wrote.

    A MURMUR, cuts through the Crowd like a
    riptide. Prince snaps a look to Lisa
    and Wendy and confirms that it is indeed
    their song. They can’t believe it!
    Tears spring to Wendy’s eyes before she
    knows it …

    Prince smiles at her, then gazes at his
    entire Band. Their eyes fasten on him
    in an instant. He counts softly and…

    MUSIC. The opening bars of “Purple
    Rain.” He turns to to the audience and

    It’s a ballad, a poem really, a plea for