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    understanding, love, and survival. It’s
    a testament, a pact if you will, between
    himself and others…

    The AUDIENCE is mesmerized, all EYES are
    upon him — but Prince doesn’t notice.
    Lips pressed against the mike, dark eyes
    streaming, he’s lost to himself now,
    loosening all that’s within him,
    cleansing himself of his rage, hatred
    and pain…

    is crying. Every moment she has shared
    with him is expressed in this song, and
    the effect on her is unnerving. Her
    heart leaps to him in a way she never
    thought possible. But she lets it go
    willingly, as the words draw her in,
    seducing her somehow, making her
    free…as if the music, his words, all
    that he has experienced and understood,
    is purging what is confused and ugly
    within herself, leaving her with an
    understanding and joy that burns in her
    womb like soft fire. A smile springs to
    her lips as tears continue to flow, and
    she finds herself moving closer…

    …as the Audience moves closer, drawn
    somehow to the stage, to the person who
    SINGS so truly, to the person who gives
    of himself unselfishly to all that he

    Prince begins a long sustained CRY that
    cuts though the hearts of all present.
    The MUSIC builds awesomely, and he
    continues to sing out, emptying himself
    of all the remaining pain lying within.
    The MUSIC crescendos and comes to a
    quiet end…

    Stunned SILENCE. A silence so profound
    you could hear a pin drop. Prince
    sighs, assumes the worse, then cuts
    across the stage purposefully. Now some
    CLAPPING. And a WHISTLE from the back