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    He pulls a HOSE from behind the washer,
    draws it on to the floor. He hesitates
    a moment, gazes one last time at his
    Father’s outline, tears welling in his
    eyes. He turns the water on, watches as
    the dusty yellow chalk gives way
    reluctantly, mixing with the water,
    swirling down the drain. Calmness
    sweeps his face like a passing cloud.

    Just then SUNLIGHT blazes in through the
    casement windows. Water droplets
    glisten brilliantly in the morning
    light. He turns the water off, goes to
    put the hose back — stops suddenly,

    …his Mother’s earring lies on the

    He’s entranced, picks it up, stares at
    it a moment. Everything he’s been
    through comes rushing at him like a loco
    motive. The confusion, the shouting and
    violence, the darkness that eclipsed his
    parents’ life — it’s all there, lying
    just below the surface, settled into his
    heart. But now there’s a difference —
    he knows it’s there and has discovered
    what could happen when it takes control
    of your life.

    So as he stands in the basement, on the
    clean cellar floor, he realizes
    that…he’ll just take one thing at a
    time, and do it right. Better than
    anybody else. He smiles, realizes that
    in the last few weeks, he’s never felt
    better than he feels right now. He
    turns quickly, flips the earring to the

    …Vanity plucks it from the air. Their
    eyes lock and they share smiles of pure
    joy. He picks up his father’s music,
    and they both head up the stairs.

    “I Would Die For You” continues as we–