Reply To: Emancipation – 1996


    Title: White Mansion
    Source: Genius
    Lyrics below


    Big white mansion
    Top of the road
    Latest fashion
    Happy, don’t you know?

    [Verse 1]
    Here I am in New York, yeah
    See the girl bold and fair
    What’s in your backpack today?
    Will it take my blues away?
    That’s OK, “you gotta run”
    Huh, check it, I don’t need you to have some fun
    Coming from the land of snow
    I guess I’m kind of used to cold

    But one day I’ll have a big white mansion
    At the top of the road
    I’m going to wear the latest fashion
    I’m going to be happy, don’t you know?

    [Verse 2]
    I could use a new guitar
    Sing a tune at Chazz’ bar
    Maybe meet a debutante
    Be a toy, do what she want (Tell me what you wanna do?)
    9 o’clock, see John K
    “But you don’t rock, come another day” (When?)
    Come another day
    Spirit so low reaching up for ground (Reaching up for ground)
    One day I’m going to make it in this lonely town


    [Verse 3]
    Hey there, what’s your name? (What’s your name, cutie?)
    And can you tell me how to play the game? (“I am a winner”) (Listen to this)
    Do I really have to cut my hair? (No)
    Now that’s a cross I could never bear (How about them publishing rights?)
    Sell my publishing? What a laugh! (Ha ha)
    I don’t know Bo but I do know math (I do know math)
    Back to Minneapolis, there you go
    You can’t find your house underneath the snow

    Because you’re living in a big white mansion (Oh yes)
    At the top of the road
    You’re wearing the latest fashion
    Trying to be happy, don’t you know? (Trying to be happy, happy)

    Big white, big white mansion (Big white mansion)
    At the top of the road
    You and me wearing Versace, Gucci (Latest fashion)
    Hoochies, they all wanna do me (Happy, don’t you know?)
    But am I really happy?
    Big white mansion
    (Yeah, maybe one day)
    (“Yo, Anita!”) [Martin sample]
    (“Yo, check out that ass!”)