Reply To: Emancipation – 1996


    Title: Emale
    Source: Genius
    Lyrics below


    Ooh aah ooh[x2]

    [Verse 1]
    The emale left so clearly upon a computer screen
    Read like a threat that crept into her like a sex machine
    Wanted: Any woman who’s first name begins with a “Z”
    From the sound of the keys, a pawn makes a move
    Her reply brings on the groove

    The king takes the pawn
    It’s on, it’s on, it’s on!

    [Verse 2]
    He couldn’t wait to tell her until after he got the nella
    Her love would only even the score
    It seemed her darling fella
    He stole a hell of lot of bucks from the corner store
    The declaration of war that followed
    She never believed, oh
    In the darkest corners where widows mourn
    That’s where he whispered her name
    He said, “We can do it here, my dear
    But I fear your tears will fall like rain”
    (They fall like)
    “Because I must tell you (Tell you)
    While I’m deep in your smell
    You got the man I want to inflict with pain
    I’m running a game with my paper
    I’m turning the boy to vapor
    Now I wanna do the same to you
    If you don’t tattoo my name upon your train”


    It’s on