Reply To: Articles Collected About Denise


    This is my honest experience listening to the circling Piano and Microphone tribute show to Vanity, February 16, 2016.

    Track 1- intro

    Track 2- big City/ Ruff enough

    Track 2-3- “LRC/ Dirty mind”- Prince started with the statement  “Someone dare to us has passed away. I would like to dedicate this song to her”. He then gave a heartfelt version of Little Red Corvette and Dirty mind mixed together. You would have thought those songs were love songs the way he sang it. There was such yearning in this rendition. Very touching.

    Track 4- A place in heaven

    Track 5 – Money don’t Matter tonight

    Track 6- wait in vain/ if I was girlfriend

    Track 7- “How come u don’t call me”- At the end of the song you can hear Prince singing “Dear lord bring her back home to me” It was clear he was asking the Lord to bring back Vanity as the lyrics are not a part of the song.

    Track8- The Ladder- “Once upon a time in the land of Sin-aplenty, there lived a king who didn’t deserve to be
    He knew not where he was going, Or where he came from. He had a subject named Vanity
    Who loved him with a passion, uncontested (the rest was a bit muffled, if anyone has his exact words from that part in the song, I would appreciate it. It sounded a little different from the actual lyrics in the song)

    Track 9- 1000 x kisses

    Track 10- When She Comes

    Track 11- satisfied

    Track 12- I love you in me

    Track 13- Sometimes It  Snows In April/ A tease to, “The Beautiful Ones” At the of the song Prince  said,  “I am new to this playing alone. I’m trying to stay focus, its a little heavy for me tonight,— Just keep jamming”

    Track 14- The Beautiful Ones, In the opening of the song Prince states ” She knows about this song” (putting an end to all speculation who that particular song was written about, as he was telling us she knew this song was about her!)  At the end of the song he sings “I’m begging down on my knees, please.. please… Denise” ( I also noticed that he started by saying she knew about this song and ended it by saying her name Denise. It was very emotional. He sang it with such force. He gave it everything.  I hadn’t heard him sing the Beautiful Ones with such meaning in a long time. He then had to leave the stage as he seemed to have been so choked up)

    Track 15- Rasberry beret

    Track 16- Starfish and coffee

    Track 17- paisley park

    Track 18- “Adore” In the middle of Adore, Prince says, “Can I tell you a story about Vanity, or should I tell you a
    story about Denise? Her and I use to love one another deeply.  ( this statement also puts all rumors to rest, for those that ever claimed that Prince didn’t  love Vanity. No one can ever say Prince did not love Vanity again!)  “She loved me for the artist I was, and I loved her for the artist she was trying to be. As much as we loved, we used to fight. ( This is a statement that is widely overlooked and not reported in any article that I came across but he is clearly backing up his statement that they loved each other deeply and shared an intense tumultuous love affair.) “She was very headstrong because she knew she was the finest woman in the world. ( He was clearly aware that she was the finest woman in the world, lol) “She never missed an opportunity to tell u that as well. (He talked about Chick for a bit after that to set up the story) “One day Vanity and I got in a fight. I told her that if she didn’t stop, I was gonna throw her in the pool and she said, you can’t throw me in the pool, you too little, so I said, Chick throw her in the pool! I probably shouldn’t be telling you this story, but I’m sure she would want us to celebrate her life and not mourn her death.”  (Then he went back to Adore. It was telling that he entwined the story about Vanity with the song Adore. It was beautiful and emotional and made me believe that Adore was written about vanity even though I had never thought that before.)  This was just a beautiful tribute and I’m so happy that as fans of Prince and Vanity, we got to hear him express his love for her before he left us..