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    Below is an entire post I’ve retrieved from on the Org ( site. The source of this content: user SunnyGirl8. Since threads over there eventually are not easy to be found, I thought I’d share some content I found there that I thought was of an interesting read. I’m taking no credit for the content. There are quite a few that I have bookmarked. :)

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    Prince & Vanity Were Talking Through Mirrors & Did Prince Get His Girl?

    The ‘How depressed was he about Vanity?’ thread was started by and large because of the dedication made by Prince to Vanity/Denise Matthews in Melbourne when she died. Aside from the other things he stated at the time, he also dedicated the following songs to her – Little Red Corvette, Dirty Mind, The Ladder, The Beautiful Ones and Adore. This raised questions as to her role in his life as many of these songs are over 30 years old and Adore, in particular, is a ‘declaration of love’ song.
    Many things have been discussed on the thread. What has been uncovered is her significance to his creative work, she would appear to be his muse. That does not necessarily imply that there was a traditional relationship happening. That also does not detract from many other significant themes he may discuss in his work like religion or for that matter, any of his publicly expressed private beliefs to do with spirituality.
    For anyone who’s been trying to understand how Prince was communicating to/about Vanity/Denise through his art, it would appear whenever you see a mirror or hear him talk about a mirror he is talking about/to her.

    This aligns with the widely circulated story in the press that the mirror theme also ties to Vanity’s name: “At the suggestion of Prince, she changed her name to Vanity, she says, because she was a mirror in which he saw reflections of himself.” Ebony, November 1987 The “mirror” appears repeatedly through his work and the examples we’ve uncovered here are:

    • 1984 – When Doves Cry – He sings while directly looking into the mirror “How could you just leave me standing, alone in a world that’s so cold?” then “Why do we scream at other? This is what it sounds like when doves cry” https*://
    • 1991 – Cream, Diamonds & Pearls – In 2004 during an MTV special called Prince:The Art of Musicology taped at New York’s Webster Hall, he performs Cream and playfully stops at one point to comment “You know I wrote this while I was looking in the mirror right”. https*://
    • 1991 – Diamonds & Pearls, Diamonds & Pearls – There is a female dancer in the mirror that looks like Vanity. https:*//
    • Late 1994/March 1995 – Empty Room, (No studio version of track released) – In the video, Prince will not look into the mirror. This was aired during the UK tour in March 1995, which coincides with Denise’s marriage. https:*//
    • 1999 – Hot With U (Nasty Girl Remix) – There’s no mirror in this video but Vanity’s image is used throughout which is unsurprising as it’s using the Nasty Girl remix. There are references to Pretty Mess Video. https:*//
    • 2007 – Somewhere Here On Earth, Planet Earth – Woman in Mirror who is dressed in clothing similar to Vanity’s Skin On Skin album cover appears throughout the video. This is probably the most striking alignment to Vanity/Denise. https:*// (Note: On Vanity’s Skin on Skin cover she’s looking into a hand held mirror also.)
    • 2009 – Dance 4 Me, MPLSound – Interview with French press, Hotel Costes Press Conference, Oct 12 2009, Paris: He’s asked whether he was thinking about someone special when he wrote the song Dance 4 Me on MPLSound album and he says “I was looking in the mirror when I wrote it.” (6:45) https:*//
    • Prince’s work is multi-dimensional and very complex. There are many other cross references musically, visually and lyrically to be explored.
    As mentioned previously, the more I look at the whole thread and differing opinions on there it leads to one clear conclusion, if you really you want to get to the bottom of what he felt and thought, look at what he’s writing and singing about. He’s telling you what he thinks. And he’s telling you in a really clever way with all these layered nuances of symbolism and language. He totally exploits every art form he touches to give you a full multi-dimensional story. And he was a master at conveying his emotions and feelings through music. Why do you think that all of you feel so much for him? It’s not just about how he looked.
    Thanks to all of you on the thread for helping to uncover this! No offence intended. Source: This is a copy of the original thread posted on Thread: How depressed was he about Vanity? Reply #2001, SunnyGirl8
    I’ve just joined this forum as I’ve been fascinated by this thread. Thanks, you’ve provided a comfort as his death has had an effect on me that I didn’t expect. I followed his music and have been to his gigs but I never really paid that much attention to his personal life and you can now see what a huge driver it was to his songwriting. This post relates to 1986/87 re Vanity, Prince and Nikki Sixx and the song, Adore. No offence is intended.
    Prince dedicated Adore to Vanity at the Melbourne concert. That’s very telling. It’s a declaration of love song, it has personal references and it’s obviously about her. It would appear that he was pursuing her at the time Adore was written/released in 86/87, which isn’t surprising, particularly given the nature of the song. And it worked. Nikki and Vanity broke up and the marriage didn’t go ahead. How real/serious that engagement was who knows? The engagement may have just been a way to mislead the press, muddy the waters and defuse any speculation re who Adore’s about, and if that was the case, Nikki was just a pawn in the drama going down between Vanity and Prince.
    At the same time, the Paisley Park build is completed and by October, Prince is recording love songs (When 2 R In Love) and then he decides he doesn’t want to release a ‘dark’ album (The Black Album) he wants to write LoveSexy instead.
    All of this raises the question of whether Prince and Vanity got back together then and it would appear they did. For how long is unknown. Between July 1987 until her marriage on Mar 26, 1995, everyone they’re linked to could potentially be a cover for them so they can keep their independence, privacy and have an arrangement/relationship that suits them. Most of these people are work colleagues after all. Maybe her drug use at that time has nothing to do with Prince or him being unfaithful either, but instead, she has a habit and it’s a heavy part of the scene she’s in. Really anything could have been going on with Prince and Vanity over the years…and it may not be what many have been led to believe.
    I also think he started to be more open before he died because they covered their tracks too well and that’s not how he wants his relationship with Denise to be remembered. He loved her. He wants her to be more closely associated with him. I guess his book ‘The Beautiful Ones’ (if it comes out) will shed more light.


    • Adore was recorded in LA on Nov 19, 1986. It’s about Vanity and his love for her.
    • Prince was pursuing Vanity behind the scenes in Jan 1987 and asking her to come back to him (per Nikki’s book)
    • 21 Jan Nikki discovers Prince has sent Vanity 24 dozen roses. He confronts Vanity about who they’re from and she won’t say. He reads the card, “Drop him. Take me back.” Nikki is furious.
    • 31 March Adore was released on the Sign O’ The Times album. Adore got major radio play (it’s #2 on a ranking of Prince’s best songs by AOL Radio) but it wasn’t released as a single/promo which in of itself is unusual, as why wouldn’t you be making this a single if there’s a huge demand for it? It was clearly a personal song and there was no desire to turn it into a ‘commercial’ hit. Also, being such a popular song and album and with his profile, there’d have to be speculation in the press about who the song was about too – I’d imagine that would fall heavily on Vanity as she was more accessible to the media and she seemed to be the go-to-girl for all matters regarding Prince as he often wouldn’t talk.
    • 16 April Vanity proposes to Nikki. Their engagement is kept a secret.
    • Prince does the Sign O’ The Times Tour in Europe May 8-June 29, 1987. Adore’s performed once on 29/5/87.
    • In June, Vanity’s engagement to Nikki is leaked to the press.
    • 14 July Vanity goes to MPLS for Nikki’s gig but stays at the hotel rather than seeing his show. Prince is in MPLS. W Bros and Prince’s management want Prince to extend to a world tour and he refuses. He says he wants to go into the studio and record his new album.
    • 16 July Nikki leaves (he’s on tour) and Vanity stays in MPLS. Nikki assumes she’ll hook up with (Dozen Roses Boy) Prince.
    • 18-24 July Prince films scenes at PP for Sign O’ The Times
    • 9 Aug Nikki says he hasn’t spoken to Vanity in a couple of weeks
    • 14-23 Aug Vanity visits Nikki in NY. She doesn’t spend much time with him.
    • 26 Aug Nikki breaks up with her over the phone, she says ok. When the press finds out is unknown but presumably when they fight in September it’s still not public knowledge.
    • 5 Sept Prince plays a HitnRun concert in MPLS.
    • 9 Sept Nikki gets home from tour and Vanity had trashed his place.
    • 11 Sept Prince films a short segment for MTV awards in LA then plays an aftershow at a country club. Nikki arrives home and Vanity jumps out at him, out of nowhere. They fight and Vanity says, “Hit me if you hate me!” and he knocks her out cold. He throws her out to the guy in the waiting limo.
    • 15 Sept Vanity comes over to see Nikki and says she is sorry. They agree to be friends.
    Adore was played in 80 sets in 87/88/89 (29/5/87, 18/11/87 and 1988/89 LoveSexy tour). It’s reintroduced into his setlist across 96/97/98 and is played in it’s heaviest rotation (101 sets) from Nov 21 1996 thru 1997 to Dec 15 1998. It pops up on and off from then and is included in 2002 One Nite Alone, 2004 Musicology, 2011 Welcome2America and the final 2016 tour

    The Black Album:

    • It was recorded as a compilation of individual ‘dark’ tracks (as opposed to a thematic album) between Sept 1986-Mar 1987.
    • In Oct 1997, Prince revisits The Black Album and records the final song for the album at PP ‘When 2 R In Love’. It’s very different to the other tracks – it’s a love song. The album is then prepared for release.
    • On Dec 1st, The Black Album is shelved. When 2 R in Love goes into the LoveSexy Album. The rest of the LoveSexy Album was recorded mid Dec 1987-late Jan 1988.
    Timeline: Nikki Sixx autobiography Heroin Diaries, The Vault by Pers Nilsen, PrinceVault, Update: (links to How depressed was he about Vanity? Reply #1848 29/5/16) On 29 May 2016, I stumbled across the following article which confirms the assumptions on this post regarding Prince’s management team and their frustration with Prince regarding the singles that were chosen for release off the Sign O’ The Times album, his reluctance to extend the tour and why he postponed the Black Album.
    (Source: This is a copy of the original thread posted on Thread: How depressed was he about Vanity? Reply#1107 Pg37, SunnyGirl8 ).