Reply To: Vanity – Wild Animal Album 1984


    Album: Wild Animal

    Song Title: Samuelle

    Lyrics below

    Samuelle, this is your lover calling, Samuelle
    Samuelle, this is your lover calling
    Samuelle, do you belong to Marilyn?
    I know she could never love your heart like me
    I’m quite sure we belong together
    Oh Samuelle, you cannot tell a lie
    it echoes across the moon and the sky
    Valerie, Valerie, Valerie, this is your conscience calling
    Valerie, Valerie, Valerie, I don’t wanna hear ya
    I do recall carnivals were filled up with
    crazy guys and paper dolls
    Thought it would last forever

    Oh Samuelle, I’m running down the aisle
    wedding lace was written all over
    I really want you, I really do
    I really love you, rap on door
    rap on door, ring bell, ring bell
    naughty little thing, we may never know
    the prince and the showgirl
    wonders if never, ever
    Oh Samuelle, I cannot tell
    if I sing to you, will you ring my doorbell?
    Ring my doorbell, I really want you
    Ring my doorbell, I really do
    Ring my bell, I really love you
    Time will tell
    all those nights I sat up alone
    and stared at the phone
    well I’m calling my shadow, calling Samuelle
    I cannot let you go
    I’ve thrown all the snowballs I can throw
    Oh! Oh! Ooh hoo hoo
    I know you love me, you can have me if you want to

    Source: Flash Lyrics