Reply To: Vanity – Wild Animal Album 1984


    Album: Wild Animal

    Song Title: Strap On ‘Robbie Baby’

    Lyrics below

    You want some candy, little boy?

    Robbie, don’t you wanna come out and play? Make me arrr
    Robbie baby, hear ya’ got an electric machine
    and it’s mean, makes me want to arrr
    Robbie baby, I like your style and the way you rock wigglin’
    He say somethin’ inside me, excites U
    strap it on… tight!
    If you wanna come on a carnival ride, baby yeah
    strap it on… tonight!
    Robbie baby, I like your hair and the way you slide your fingers through
    Robbie, maybe, just maybe way down here
    you’ll take me nice and easy… your pretty

    Don’t you provoke me, come on stroke me
    strap this thing… tight!
    If you wanna glide down my highway, it’s open
    strap yourself in… ride!

    So why don’t ya ride me, excite V…ooh
    strap me on tight!
    Yeah, I wanna glide down your carnival ride
    strap me on tonight
    Yeah, you gotta fly down my highway
    it’s open, strap me on, oh! Tonight!
    Go ahead… knock yourself out




    Source: Flash Lyrics