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    Cat Glover... Prince

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    Cat Glover on her wardrobe for the “Sign o’ the Times” Tour: “That peach dress from “Sign o’ the Times,” from what I understand, but, I’m not sure, was Prince’s own design. But, everything else, those were my own clothes. That’s how I used to dress when Prince met me. I wore poodle skirts and bustiers. The only thing that wasn’t me was the peach dress. Well, I didn’t walk around in the green tutu from “Hot Thing.” Let’s clear that up now. I didn’t wear little tutus at clubs. But, everything else you saw was actually mine. No one dressed me.”

    Touring was fabulous. Fun. Exciting. Tiring. It was amazing. It was so much fun. It was just incredible. If you are on tour with the right person, you don’t ever want to go home.

    Filming “Sign o’ The Times”…The reason the movie was put on film was, because, when Prince first exposed the new band, a lot of people in Europe held up signs that said “Where are Wendy and Lisa?” and “Where is The Revolution?” They did, they really did.
    It was funny, because, I was the new kid on the block. They weren’t warm and welcoming to us. Prince got very upset.
    We were doing our shows and something drastic happened. I can’t remember what country we were in, but, there was a thunderstorm. Mind you, we were performing outside. But, the show must go on. Prince and I were on wireless microphones. There was rain, lightning and thunder. A bolt of thunder struck one of the signs over Boni Boyer’s keyboard and it fell. That’s when we said “That’s it” and Prince decided to put “Sign o’ the Times” on film.
    I was in my panties. Okay? I was cold. Everyone else was in clothes. You know how my clothes were. I was cold, I was freezing, but, I was professional. When that sign fell and it took a chunk out of Boyer’s keyboard, Prince said “That’s it.” I think God said “I’m going to save you guys.”
    As a responsible person, Prince was really concerned with all of the band members. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt. He didn’t want any of the fans to get hurt. Water, lightning and mikes, what do they equal? Disaster. The wind was blowing so hard we couldn’t even see. We actually performed as long as we could until we stopped.

    People often ask me if I ever dated Prince. The answer is no. A lot of women that get with Prince mistake his friendship and his affection as them being his “girlfriend.”
    Let’s put it like this: if you’re his girlfriend, you’ll know it. I was never his girlfriend. it was strictly professional. Although, we were both attracted to each other.

    Boni Boyer was my best friend on tour. We shared dressing rooms together. She was a jokester. She was so funny. During sound checks she always had everyone laughing. She was multi-talented. Boyer was from Oakland. She was from the street. She would have Prince on the floor laughing. When she would walk onstage during sound checks, we would all immediately start laughing, because, we knew she was going to say something funny.
    I remember we had a sound check in Europe and Boyer was a little late. Prince had on this green two-piece outfit with the alphabet on it. She was late and Prince said “Boni, you’re late” and she had on silk pajamas. He said “Don’t come on my stage and sound check with those silk pajamas on.” Then, Boyer looked at me and Sheila E. –or me and Levi Seacer– and she said “Yeah, but, you’re wearing green pants with the alphabet on them.”
    We started laughing and we laughed so hard. She made everyone laugh. She was so confident. She was a great singer and a great musician. She could carry her own; she was awesome, funny and raw. I miss her, she was my best friend.

    You should never assume things before you actually see them for yourself.