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    Cat Glover... Prince

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    The “Sign o’ the Times” single cover…that was when Prince actually asked me to join his band. I had no idea what was going on.
    He asked me to go by his house in Beverly Hills and pick up a dress. I flew to Minneapolis the next day and I had no idea that was the dress I was supposed to wear. But, that dress was supposed to be for Susannah Melvoin, Wendy’s twin sister. It just so happened I fit the dress. I came to find out that was the dress he wanted me to wear for the cover and he didn’t let me know what it was for.
    Earl Jones, Jill Jones’ uncle, did my hair. I put on the dress, they gave me Prince’s glasses, Prince told me to play the guitar and they started shooting. That how it ended up on the cover.
    By the way, that heart you see on the cover, was a thick glass mirror. It was so heavy and that’s why you see my muscles. I was shaking holding that heart. I said “Prince, if you were going to make the heart black, you could just drawn a black cardboard heart and it would have been effortless.”
    But, he’s smart and he’s such a genius, he wanted it to look like him. I got it. If you’re holding something heavy, I don’t care if you’re a baby, girl or woman, your muscles are going to show. Even my dad thought that was Prince. Prince’s dad thought that was Prince. Amazing, right?

    When I created routines for Prince’s tours I had to make sure everyone could play their instruments and dance at the same time. Seacer and Miko Weaver were so mad at me about some of the stuff I did for the “Lovesexy” Tour. I told Seacer he needed to stick one leg over his bass and hop on one foot to make it funky. In “Sign o’ the Times” I said “You guys want to be dogs and go ‘woof!’ You want to crawl, there’s a fire hydrant, open your leg and ‘pee’ on it.” I was really animated.
    Some of the band members had a problem with the choreography, especially (for) “Housequake.” I made everybody jump and told them to act like they were experiencing an earthquake. That’s what “Housequake” is, an earthquake. No, they weren’t too pleased.

    Collaboration means collaboration. That’s it. A lot of people don’t under the meaning of wanting to collaborate with you. When you get in the studio they want to take over everything. It’s so true.

    The L.A. club scene in the 1980s was awesome. What I liked about it was that everybody had a dream and they had a goal. Our goal was just to be famous, be seen and give our best work to whomever was there. Everyone just had fun. The times have changed so much and nowadays it’s not like that.
    Back then, you went to clubs to have fun, be seen, enjoying yourself wearing crazy outfits: bows in your hair, lace gloves, tore-up fishnet stockings, blue and purple hair, spiked bracelets, you name it. A lot of celebrities and movie producers used to go clubs to find new talent. Prince was one of them.
    Everyone knows knows that my club was Vertigo. After I met Prince, I took him to my side of the tracks. The biggest club out here was Vertigo and (there were) a lot celebrities— I’m talking “red carpet,” “velvet rope.” I had Carte Blanche. I would go to the club, bring 16 people with me and security would let me in. Then, I felt bad for people who were standing in the line and I would say “Let him in or let her in.” I just had that power. I had that juice. I had juice in every club out here, you name it. And still do. Yes, I do. (Laughs). But, a lot of those clubs (from the 1980s) are closed now.
    The thing about Prince is that when he comes to L.A., he wants people to direct him to the clubs that are not famous. He doesn’t like to go to the “bougie” clubs. He likes to go to the clubs where things are happening. I took him to all the underground clubs. It’s like when you are in your hometown and other people say “Go here!” But, you say “No, Prince, come here.” I was that type of person. You can kind of say I turned him out on the clubs. Yes, I did. He knows I did.