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    The Black Album was the first time Prince got me on tape recording. It was intense. I can’t even go into that right now, because, it’s too intense. The album didn’t really have any production. It was spur of the moment. The Black Album was about personal things he was going through, which is why I don’t want to discuss it.

    Prince, Madonna and I were the original lineup for Graffiti Bridge. That movie was strictly written for Prince, Madonna and myself. Period. Exclamation point.
    That movie was actually written on the Lovesexy Tour. Everyone in that movie replaced us. Prince actually wrote the movie and most of it was what we experienced on the Lovesexy Tour. Madonna pulled out of the movie and I left Prince; I quit. So, he had to revamp the script.
    That’s when he got Ingrid Chavez and everyone else. But, Mavis Staples was one person that was originally supposed to be in the movie. She was always part of the movie. Sheila E. was part of the movie. Everyone else was a replacement. I don’t mean to say it that way, it sounds kind of harsh and mean, but, I know the original script.
    I was in the studio with Madonna and Prince when they were discussing the script. The story was totally different. I remember they were arguing over the script, bragging on each other, talking about each other’s shoes and I was laughing. Madonna said to Prince “Cat and I should have a dance battle” and Prince said (speaking in a low raspy voice) “I don’t think so. I don’t think you want to do that. I don’t think you want to dance against Cat.” That’s just how he said it. I’ll never forget it.
    That was two powerful people, together, in the same space—and me. I was more like a bystander listening and watching.
    But, the whole movie changed.

    It’s a waste of time answering questions for people who continuously ask the same damn questions over and over when they know the real answer.

    “Alphabet St.” Do you know what that song is really about? Somebody told me! I was just in the studio singing the song. Honestly, I didn’t know. On truth. On the Bible.
    I was in the studio with Prince for two or three nights and I was so exhausted. I was tired and he left me. He said “I’m going home now and I want you to record your vocals. When I come back, I want to make sure they sound good.”
    He knew I loved Salt ‘n’ Pepa. He said “You better get it right, because, if you don’t, Salt ‘n’ Pepa are going to rag on you!” He left me in Studio A at Paisley Park and showed me just one time how to work the board to record my stuff. I recorded my stuff. Sure did.
    Prince is the type of person that if you don’t know how to do something, he’ll show you one time and he has that much faith in you that you can do it. Of course, you don’t want to disappoint him. So, I said “I’m going to do this. He knows I love Salt ‘n’ Pepa. How dare he throw them up in my face!” If anybody approved of my rapping, I wanted it to be Salt ‘n’ Pepa.
    Actually, their manager (Herbie “Lovebug” Azur), called me up one day and wanted me to choreograph one of their videos, after “Push It” came out.
    Cat Glover on Teena Marie: I was living in London and she was in London working with Producer Jazzie B. He was friends with my ex-boyfriend Tim Simenon, of Bomb The Bass. Bomb The Bass was producing my album and producing Seal’s song “Crazy.”
    So, when Teena Marie got in town, she got in touch with me. She came over to my flat. She, Boyer, a couple of friends and I were there.
    The first thing she said was “Cat, we need you to rap!” It was so cool to hear her say that to me and she literally did my whole rap (from “Alphabet St.”). All of us are sitting in the house and I’m looking at them and said “No, this is not Teena Marie. No. And she likes my work?”
    So, me, her and Boyer were kicking it and I was on my way to the studio. I had my video camera; I used to document everything I did. Boyer and Teena Marie were on camera, so, I’m talking to them being funny and said “So, why are you here?”
    Teena Marie said “Well, my record company sent me here to work with an artist that doesn’t even know what an eight-bar intro is.” You know, after eight bars, you’re supposed to sing. Well Jazzie B had her singing on the 16th bar and she wasn’t happy about that. So, she and Boyer started joking and sang “Alphabet St.”
    Both of them came to the studio and sang background on a ballad that I wrote about Prince called “Are You Listening?” It’s most beautiful song you’ll ever hear in your life. That is one of the songs I would love the public to hear. Simenon has all the music (from Glover’s unreleased album) and he’s in Sweden right now.
    We (Glover and Teena Marie) were never friends before that. But, she was cool. It was like I had known her all my life.
    People would be surprised to know that I’m most insecure person they will ever meet. I always get compliments on my body. I don’t think I have a great body. People always say that I’m a great dancer and I think I can be better than I am. It kind of shocks me. But, I’m glad that I’m humble like this, because, I don’t see myself as other people see me.