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    Lovesexy was a really beautiful experience. We were all in the studio and recorded our parts together; some of us recorded our parts separately. It was was a very humble, spiritual and emotional experience. It was the best experience of anything I ever did with Prince. It was very passionate and very personal.

    Being in the limelight has its ups and its downs. People forget that you’re human, that you have feelings and that you have a family. You don’t know who to trust.

    I left Prince’s band in 1989 and it was my choice to leave. He did not fire me. I chose to leave, because, I’m mother’s child– I have morals, values and I could make my own decisions.
    I was asked to do something I didn’t agree with. So, I chose to leave. That was my decision, not Prince’s decision. I wasn’t offered (an opportunity for) a solo career before I left Prince. I was actually on a retainer while Prince was doing the “Batman” movie. He fired someone—but, he actually wanted me to fire that person– and that’s why I left.

    Cat Glover on her unreleased solo album I Am Energy: When I moved to London, they wanted me to sign with Warner Bros., or WEA International (now Warner Music International), with Fargnoli. He had started his own (record) label called Red Dot Music. The album’s title, I Am Energy, was, because, everyone said when they saw me on stage I had so much energy. Prince called me his endorphin. Most of my clothes (on the Lovesexy Tour) said “Endorphin.”
    Basically, everyone said “Cat, when you’re around me, you give me so much energy.” So, I called the album I Am Energy.
    However, it was never released, because, of a conflict of interest. Fargnoli was my manager, but, he also owned the label. So, it was not working out. I asked to be released from my contract and (the album) never came out. There were no more releases after (the single) “Catwoman.”
    “Now it Rains” was on the b-side. They asked me out of all the songs, what would I like on the b-side, and that song was something different. I wrote that about Prince. “Now It Rains” is still my favorite song.
    The album was completed. However, Simenon, my producer, actually owns the masters; Warner Bros. never paid him. He has all my masters. He produced everybody: Neneh Cherry, Seal and he did a lot of remixes for Prince. He’s a really good friend of mine.
    I’m working on releasing I Am Energy with my Business Manger Shawn Carter. We’re working on some ideas on how to get that music out there. I wrote and produced everything on it with Tim Simenon.
    But, what I’m looking at is working with my business manager, because, he’s connected to a lot of people in the hip-hop Industry: Chuck D., Son of Bazerk, Johnny Juice. I’m going to work with all of those people to get that music out there and do an updated remix on “Alphabet St.”