Reply To: Prince And Mayte


    INTERVIEW – MAY 1997

    By Spike Lee


    Spike Lee: Let’s talk about your last couple of years at [your former label] Warner Bros. records. Would it be safe to say that the music you were putting out was just fulfilling a contract, or were you giving the best you had to offer at that time?




    The Artist: I was doing my best to fulfill my contract. You can now hear that my soul has been in love with [my wife] Mayte for thousands of years. I believe that I was just trying to express it in a simple record. I wanted to say friend, lover, sister, mother, wife back then, but it wasn’t the time. If you check the video for the song “Seven,” you will see Mayte and I walking through the doors hand-in-hand and the dove exploding. That was when I spiritually checked out of the situation; but I did what I had to do.


    I took a part out from this interview to post here because I’m interested in others opinion on Prince’s statement. What songs or album was he relating to when he made this statement? I’ve heard the song Seven before (didn’t like it) but I am just now listening to some of the songs he made between 94-98.


    And what songs are confirmed by him or Mayte to be about him and Mayte’s relationship?