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    Title: Here

    Lyrics Source: AZ Lyrics

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    How beautiful r u? there’s more than
    A thousand replies
    Could it b ur lips or ur golden eyes?
    When eye think of an answer
    That’s when eye get so surprised
    Another wonder of the world realized
    That’s y

    Eye just don’t want you here
    Eye just don’t want you near me baby

    Cuz eye’m scared eye’ll cry
    And live you like crazy
    Flying above all fears
    Eye haven’t seen any tears, not lately
    Eye don’t wanna land not even maybe

    How desperate am eye?
    Eye wonder if you r what keeps me alive
    Alone eye can’t get as high
    Even tho eye’ve tried

    It’s different when u’re grown
    The wine don’t taste the same
    When u’re alone
    The size of the bed now seems like
    The biggest that eye’ve ever known


    There’s so much more 4 you and me 2 explore
    Ooh baby baby
    When you walk thru that door
    Eye am gonna give you what u’re waiting 4

    Baby lemme break this down

    Eye am gonna say this once
    Then eye am gonna leave this town
    If you can learn 2 open ur eyes under water
    Then you and me won’t drown
    Without each other
    Eue promise eye’ll c you on the other side
    Just believe in me and trust this ride
    Eye am so sincere right now
    Eye just…

    Eye just want you here
    Eye just want you near me baby
    Eye’m scared eye’ll cry
    And love you like crazy
    Eye’m flying above all fears
    Eye haven’t seen any tears not lately, no
    Eye don’t wanna land, not even maybe
    Donny hathaway’s “song 4 u” ain’t the same
    Without you