Reply To: Lotusflow3r – 2009


    Album: Lotusflow3r

    Title: The Morning After

    Source: AZ Lyrics

    Lyrics below

    It didn’t hit me til the morning after
    All eye remember was a kiss and then you were gone
    And then eye missed ur smile, the sound of ur laughter
    And now eye’m sleeping on the side you slept on
    At first eye felt the only reason you left me
    Was the proposition that eye spoke in ur ear
    Eye ain’t a doctor but eye know this ain’t healthy
    Instead of counting sheep, eye’m counting tears

    Eye coulda drove you home but you wouldn’t let me
    Eye didn’t care how far, or if it was near
    Ain’t tryin 2 push you cuz eye know you just met me
    Eye’m just wishin that you were here

    Eye’m not the kinda man that’s sad and lonely
    It’s just that something tells me ur the one
    Even if you love somebody else it’s only
    Better if eye get the chance the moment you’re done

    Please don’t tell me that you lost my number
    Just come back over if you don’t wanna call
    Eye’ve got some music that will make you rumba
    We can jam baby all nite long