Reply To: Lotusflow3r – 2009


    Album: Lotusflow3r

    Title: Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful

    Source: AZ Lyrics

    Lyrics below

    Eye could tell by the color of ur
    Nrg field
    U thought this game was over
    Chemical peel
    U tried 2 do me like my good brother steve
    But eye got another funky
    Trick up my sleeve
    Expecting me 2 freak on you a little bit more
    But you get nothin but well-wishes
    & flowers galore
    Eye mean no harm
    Eye still got ur back
    U can come and drink my wine
    As a matter of fact

    Just feel better, feel good, feel wonderful

    Eye don’t know what you thought
    When you spit in my face
    But this dimension ain’t the time
    Or the place
    Eye don’t know who told you u could
    Stand next 2 me
    Cuz eye got a guitar that could
    Part the sea
    Don’t mean no disrespect
    Eye ain’t tryin’ 2 brag
    But that might b the same one that
    Tapped on the crag

    And brought 4th the water
    That quenched ur thirst
    And we’ll keep feeding ya
    But first things first!

    Feel better, feel good, feel wonderful

    If you think about how much time it took
    4 you 2 try 2 get a page in my book
    Eye feel so good right now
    Eye just can’t recall
    What the __ eye was thinking when eye
    Threw you the ball

    It hit 3 bystanders after you touched it
    Now they wanna sue me but they love me 2 much
    Cuz they know eye wish them heaven and all of its gold
    Same 2 u, come on let’s groove
    2 the purple rock ‘n roll

    Feel better, feel good, feel wonderful

    Better than good, better than good,
    U know you should feel wonderful
    Keep ur mind in the vertical motion
    Always looking up