Reply To: Lotusflow3r – 2009


    Album: Lotusflow3r

    Title: Love Like Jazz

    Source: AZ Lyrics

    Lyrics below

    Hey baby what’s ur name?
    Do you wanna play a game?
    Play it like we don’t know when
    We’ll ever get 2 play again
    Xperimental and so brand new
    The things eye wanna do with you
    Like a physical kind of blue
    Come on baby let’s get 2 it

    Eye want a lover that can improvise
    Eye want a lover that can make me cry

    Baby eye don’t care what you learned in lovemaking school
    U and me we ’bout 2 jam
    Make love like the first woman and man
    Eye don’t wanna know ahead of time
    The notes you play should b a
    Reaction 2 mine
    Nothing planned or contrived
    Then both of us will arrive
    At r destination

    Eye wanna feel like eye’ve been hypnotized
    If you think you can then let’s go 4 a ride

    Love like jazz… love like jazz… love like jazz