Reply To: Lotusflow3r – 2009


    Album: Lotusflow3r

    Title: Dreamer

    Source: AZ Lyrics

    Lyrics below

    Eye was born & raised on the same plantation
    In the united states of the red, white and blue
    Eye never knew that eye was different
    Til dr. king was on the balcony
    Lying in a bloody pool
    Expected so much more from a loving society

    A truthful xplanation but you know what?
    Eye got another conspiracy

    If it was just a dream… call me
    Call me a dreamer 2
    With more rewards & accolades
    Than anyone b4 or after
    21st century, oh what a shame
    That race still matters
    A race 2 what and where we going?
    We r in the same boat
    But eye’m the only one rowin
    Last time eye checked you were sleepin’
    …but you can call me a dreamer 2
    Peanut butter logic served on a bed of lies
    Don’t go down 2 easy
    When you see ur father cryin’
    Have you ever clutched the steering wheel
    Of ur car 2 tight?

    Prayin’ that the police sirens
    Pass you by at night?
    While the helicopter circles
    & the theory’s getting deep
    Thing they’re spraying chemicals over the city
    While we sleep?

    From now on eye’m staying awake…
    So you can call me a dreamer 2
    Wake up wake up