Reply To: Hitnrun Phase One – 2015


    Album: Hitnrun Phase One
    Song Title: Million $ Show
    Source: Song Lyrics
    Lyrics below

    2 The Million $ Show
    This is something that U never seen B4

    2 The Million $ Show
    This the kinda music make U lose control
    If u’re ready come on let’s go

    U heard the news on the internet
    About the tickets U got 2 get
    Ur favorite band is comin’ 2 ur town
    What was lost is now found

    Tell serena 1st come 1st serve
    What we mean is who got the nerve
    Standing outside people singing in line
    Nothing out the ? when U outta ur mind


    Don’t listen 2 the music
    Sayin’ fear the fro
    U got ur $ so U go, go, go
    Miss it 4 the world- only the insane
    They’re coming thru the snow
    The sleet or the rain
    Miss it 4 the world- only insane


    Only the haters ever complain
    Can’t hear jack in the back of my plane turn
    The music up so the diss in vain
    Turn the music up!