Reply To: Hitnrun Phase One – 2015


    Album: Hitnrun Phase One (2015)
    Song Title: X’s Face

    Lyrics below

    A few months ago or maybe it was years
    It was a heartbreak and so many tears
    How she gonna make it out here on her own
    A body like that should never be alone

    A kiss on the stairway, another man’s embrace
    How was she in know, just what was taking place?
    Too busy with the jugular and how it taste
    To remember what she saw in the X’s face

    The X’s face
    The X’s face

    Long time ago or maybe yesterday
    You and I in chariots, on our way
    Proper celebration for what we’ve learned
    But for every battle won, there are scars and burns

    For every broken heart, there’s another will mend
    Who needs enemies when you got friends
    For every open door there’s something in the way
    Last time we checked it was the X’s face

    The X’s face
    The X’s face

    Everybody know about the X’s face
    Black don’t crack
    Beige don’t age
    Go and take that banana
    Then get back in your cage
    Oh Lord!
    Ooh ooh ah hah ah ah
    The X’s face
    Go and take that banana, take it
    The X’s face
    Get it, I said you could have it
    Oh no
    The X’s face