Reply To: Hitnrun Phase One – 2015


    Album: Hitnrun Phase One (2015)
    Song Title: June

    Lyrics below

    Pasta simmers on the stove in June
    Makes no sense yet, but it will soon
    Conversation starters come way too hard
    Nobody wants to be the martyr,
    playin’ the wrong cards
    Why did you come to this planet?
    Why did you come to this life?
    How can you be everybody’s dream,
    and still be somebody’s wife?
    Tell me, what did you have for lunch today?
    That’s right, how would I know?
    How would I know?
    You are off somewhere, being free
    while I starve in the lonesome cold.
    Our bodies got used to each other
    Now they’re used to the sound
    of Richie Havens’ voice on the vinyl,
    spinning round and round, round and round
    Sometimes I feel I was born way too late
    Shoulda been born on the Woodstock stage
    But I’m just here, waitin’, and waitin’, and waitin’
    Somebody famous had a birthday today
    All I saw was another full moon
    What’s that?
    Something’s burning on the stove
    Must be the pasta
    Must be the pasta
    Oh yeah, it’s June