Reply To: Vanity – Skin On Skin Album – 1986



    Album: Skin On Skin
    Song: Romantic Voyage
    Lyrics below:



    Lying here alone with you
    I can’t resist when I look into your eyes
    So Let’s uncover the mystery
    And ride along on the open sea all night

    (I can ride all night)

    I’ll take you on romantic voyage

    (so romantic)

    Into the night romantic voyage

    Close your eyes and we’ll sail away
    To a secret hideaway tonight


    Cause I’ve been saving my love for you
    So hold me tight and we’ll rendezvous you and I

    (all night)

    I’ll take you on romantic voyage

    (run away)

    All through the night romantic voyage

    (sail away)

    Take me far far away
    Ooh Take me baby

    Make a wish upon a falling star
    And the hopes and dreams within our hearts
    Will make our fantasy for love come true

    We’ll sail upon on romantic voyage
    Into the night romantic voyage
    Romantic voyage
    All through the night

    (Ah yeah, ooooo)




    I obtained these lyrics from my memory bank. :)
    If the lyrics are incorrect, please quote this post with the correct lyrics included and the link source to the correction. Thank you in advance!