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    Confirmation from Denise, the new author, and someone On the Org said Jill Jones also confirmed it now as well.. That song is epitome of their relationship to me. It’s very special to me. The part where he says “If you left me, I might do something rash…” gives me pause, because in his tribute to her, he’d whispered “You left me” when he was singing “How come you don’t call me anymore” and then 67 days later he was gone…

    Everything is for a reason and I believe nothing happens by chance or coincidence. Yesterday was my sister’s birthday. She found out this morning that her lover of many years was murdered last night… on her birthday. This takes me back to the night I phoned my sister. First, let me say that I come from a background of devout Christians . My Christian beliefs are very strong. I got this feeling to phone my sister one night. I had a message that I was to give her. This message came to me while I was sleep. My sister and her kids visited me that night and slept over. So, when I got this message in my head, I was thinking like.. Wait, why did the message start off with “call”, as in phone her? I was like, this couldn’t be real because my sister was in my daughter’s room. It was like 1 or 2 in the morning. Surely she would be in there sleep. I went to my daughter’s room and saw my sister’s children but I didn’t see my sister. So, I called her, as I was asked to do (from the message to me) and sure enough, she was not in the house. I never asked her where she was. I simply gave her the message and said goodbye. Months later we somehow brought the subject up and I asked her about the message. I’ve no clue what I said to her now, but whatever I told her, she was meant to hear it. She told me she knew what it was about . I didn’t know, I just told her what was on my mind to say to her. Later, she told me she had been praying for God to get stop her and her lover from committing adultery. She said God had been opening up so many doors for her and her life and she felt wrong sinning with her lover. Well, God heard her prayers. First my message, which made since to her because the way the message went, it was like a response to something she had prayed about . Later on her lover phone her out of nowhere and said he didn’t want them to sleep around anymore. She was distraught. She loved him too much and of course he loved her just the same. But, he said it to her and it lasted a few weeks before they were back at it again. It would be at least two more times, that I am aware of, that my sister calls me crying about her lover and how she wants so bad to stop sinning, etc… Speeding up to now, I asked my sister what were her thoughts about him dying on her birthday. She didn’t really have an answer for it but I’m most certain she had already been thinking about it. She kept praying to God for something that she didn’t have the nerve to not only follow through but to stay committed to. She couldn’t keep him away. I wouldn’t say God allowed this man to die simply to pull him away from my sister. She have her sins and he his. I think it happened on her birthday for a reason. I know it did. When I think about Denise dying on Prince’s mother’s birthday I don’t and never have thought of it as a coincidence. I never thought him nearly dying in the 90s from his pills overdose on the same day or month he actually died from overdose of pills was a coincidence, either. I hate when I read where people try to act like Warners killed Prince. That man, whether on purpose or by mistake, whether from enablers or not, took those pills on his own account. It’s strange that his Stevie, if that’s her name, would think Prince would take his own life. Her thoughts on why seem a bit odd, but I’m no dummy. I don’t think about Prince’s death, why he died, nor how or what contributed to his death. I am not stating that I believe what that woman thought about Prince. With all honesty, I’ve no clue and won’t bother trying to understand, but I can’t rule out anything. The point is not about what, who did, or why, it’s about what was in God’s plan. For anyone that doesn’t believe in God, this isn’t for you. I believe in God, my sister, her lover, Prince was very expressive on his beliefs, as well Denise. I heard him saying bring her back, etc during his tribute to Denise. I do, however have a thought about what could have transpired between Prince and Denise. God knows everything and what’s really in our hearts. When God chooses to step in an intervene it’s going to happen. I won’t dwell any further in regards to Prince, but I don’t think of it as ludicrous reading someone believed he may have taken his life or that it was someone close to him that was enabling him. No matter what, it’s God in the end that decides when our time is up. I haven’t read Denise’s book and would love to have a discussion about it. I enjoyed everything Toban shared about her. It’s a precious and sweet gift. I have screenshots saved from that discussion on the org, but I have not chosen to upload it here because I wouldn’t want to do so without his permission. I will pm you in a few. Please excuse any typos. I’m texting this message from my phone. Good thing I didn’t have to worry about being logged out by the time I was done. *wipes brow*


    Your post gave me goose bumps. what you said about your sister’s relationship and about Denise dying on Prince’s mother’s B-day is compelling. I thought along the same lines with her death being the same day as his mother’s. These things are no coincidence, and you have to believe in God to understand it.