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    So, while I’m looking for the post Denise made about her and Prince’s love/hate relationship (haven’t found as of yet, btw) I came across something interesting that brought the Purple Rain scene to mind. I’m talking about the scene where Apples get b-slapped for speaking her mind to P. :) When he puts his earring on her ear… the clown-looking dolls are shown briefly. Denise had something similar in either her bedroom or one of the rooms where she was living–only the clown dolls in her room were more beautiful and colorful. This is not a question–just sharing something I’ve found interest to. Denise's Room And here is a screen-capture I found on the internet (where, I’ve no idea) of one of the dolls on in one of the Purple Rain bedroom scenes. Prince's Purple Rain Bedroom

    Katrina’s Paper Dolls… I’m gonna post what I think is the meaning behind that song. Should I post it here?

    Just in case someone visit the forums and is wondering what the meaning might be to the song, post it in the music section discussion, please. >> click here Create a “new post” and you can title it Katrina’s Paper Dolls, or whatever you want, to let readers know what it is they’re about to read. Btw, I like that song! I had it on replay one day. Thanks!!