Reply To: who is Robbie bruce and is there a picture of him?


    I’ve spent a few minutes trying to figure out and came across 2 guys that seemingly came quite close to possibly being the guy in question–one was born in 1955, I think. The other guy was in his 50s, too. But, neither of those guys had a mention about being involved with anything musically. I wonder what happened to the guy that was supposedly her man at the time. And, quite oddly, both these guys I came across died recently. What’s odd about this is that one died in 2015 but the other one died in March 2016. I’m like, what the…? Lol. Denise died in February 2016, this Robert guy in March 2016, and then Prince in April 2016. I don’t think those two guys were the Robbie Bruce you’re looking for, but I just found that strange about their recent death. Other than that strangeness, I’ve seen nothing more than what people already know–that he was a part of the Wild Animal… Strap on Robbie song. All that search but no face to go with the discography found. I’m beginning to wonder if Robert Bruce McCan is the real name of that person or was it some sort of alias. Speaking of aliases, who the heck is Skip Drinkwater?? I read about this name online, I think LSA, in regards to one of her songs, if I remember correctly. First thing that comes to my mind when I read that name was, ‘don’t tell me Prince went under another alias as Skip when it makes me think of his nickname Skipper’, lol. After searching, I’m thinking Drinkwater really is that person’s last name. Lol. It’s hard finding enough information on Denise. I have all of her movies, some church sermons, all the albums of hers that everyone knows about (that were released), and a few photos from searching online, but other than that, anything else is somewhere in the ether. Like somebody must have something we haven’t seen. I wish I had more info about her than what I do have.

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