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    I just love her…she has such heart…a great personality, great character, spunk, kindness, hard working…truly a lovable person…with so much talent. I have never understood why Prince didn’t marry her…I get the feeling if they had they’d both still be here…anyway if I were Prince I would have married her in a heartbeat.

    I cannot even say I wish they’d stayed together.

    In the beginning I use to feel that they should have stayed together and gotten married with kids because I thought they were beautiful together and they obviously had so much in common (as deep as on a spiritual level, as well), but they just did each other wrong for too long to have made it as husband and wife. That’s just my opinion, though.


    It’s possible they went years doing things to make one another angry and jealous. An example would be how Prince mentioned Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor to the tabloids when it involved him getting a ring for Susannah. He supposedly said something about wanting to give Susannah the kind of ring that Richard Burton would give Elizabeth Taylor. I was like huh?!? Denise had already said in the media/tabloids that her and Prince (as in Denise and Prince) were like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. I’ve no reason why Prince would have went the miles to mentioning Elizabeth and Richard regarding him and Susannah getting engaged–when I’m sure he knew that would have left Denise upset.


    An example of Denise doing Prince wrong is how she boldly stated to Jet Magazine that purple was her husband’s favorite color and she had the entire wedding in purple and white. She even went the miles, herself, to having a photo in the Jet mag of her husband about to throw her in the pool. Every time I come across that picture I think of what Prince talked about… him threatening to throw Denise in the pool when they were arguing back in the 80s.


    It’s possible there’s a whole lot they were doing that we don’t know about… doing things that they might have not bothered to worry if others would get hurt in the process.

    I don’t believe he truly intended to marry Susannah and that he was only trying to get revenge on Denise. I think he further tried to upset Denise when he married a year after she did. That’s just my opinion, as well.

    Maybe they knew or maybe they didn’t know they were truly hurting each other. I don’t really know. I believe that by 2011/2012 something changed between them (for the long haul) that left them both not on communication level anymore. There’s just no telling what truly happened between them.

    I wish someone would write a book specifically about Denise and her life–to add on to all the stuff she left out from her book. I’d love to know more about Denise from someone that truly knew her and loved and cared about her enough to be entirely accurate about her life. I haven’t read Blame It On Vanity—just some excerpts. I so wish I had a copy, though.

    Anyway, I was just responding to your post. I don’t want to go too far off topic. :) Btw, I think a few of her songs were about Prince. Those two were something else! Lol.

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