Reply To: Sharon Nelson's opinion, Denise was the love of Prince's life


    I read this on LSA. I believe Sharon said it for a reason. After all, it’s Prince’s sister–someone who knows more about his personal life than us fans. What she didn’t know directly from Prince most certainly could have went around from one family member to another as well. Meaning, it’s possible another family member could have told her, too. What I believe? I believe she truly believes it, herself and did not just throw it out there for fans or just because people tend to associate Vanity with Prince. One thing for certain, Denise was living a Christian life for quite a long time. It’s not like people saw them together later in these past few years and made assumptions. If you were to believe the org, you’d think Denise was a hit and run from the 80s. No fan knew how long her and Prince communicated after the 80s.  This takes me back to Prince’s statement about “everyone thought I was going to marry Vanity” in the 90s to Jet Magazine. As I’ve said on, why would Prince say “everyone” if these people that were close to him didn’t know he cared for Denise enough to want to marry her or how much he cared about Denise? I believe his sister knew just how much Denise meant to Prince for her to put that statement out to the world. This was an official Q&A for her on the org, right? I don’t question her statement as to if it was true. She believes it for a reason. She knows something we don’t for her to boldly state her opinion. I guarantee you my brothers would not go around and tell people that a certain person I use to be involved with is the love of my life if they didn’t even know enough about my love life to begin with. Denise stated that they were communicating but she hadn’t seen him in years. So they weren’t dating anymore by that time. So why would Sharon think and boldly, publicly state, after all those years that Denise and Prince wasn’t together, that Denise was the love of Prince’s life? Simple… she believed it for a reason. Maybe, just maybe Prince told her from his own lips. emo_yes

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