Reply To: Susan Moonsie


    Well, if you look at her compared to those others JJ, Apples… Apples clearly had some sort of surgery done, and wasn’t JJ on some drugs before or was addicted to alcohol for a while? Drugs and alcohol will make a person look older. It’s possible Susan probably wasn’t ever involved in any drugs, alcohol, or didn’t have any reconstruction surgery. Prince, born in 58, would have been around 22 by 1980 Dirty Mind/Controversy era. Vanity 6’s creation in 82 will put Prince around 23 or 24. At 24, I would hope Susan, considering she was his girlfriend, was at least 18. Even then, that makes them 6 years apart. How the heck would they be in the same high school that far apart in age? They were in high school together, right? She had to have been no younger than 4 years below him.