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    Soooo, I came across some artwork from Little Red Corvette. Ok, this is going to be me being forward on further down. Just keep reading. :)


    I didn’t know this content went for auction and I didn’t know Prince gave this to Vanity. I thought I read it was Vanity’s drawing for Prince. The stuff you read on the internet. But, nonetheless, I’m starting to see more connection with Vanity and Prince regarding Little Red Corvette song.  The screenshot below is of the item that went for and was sold at auction.

    Ok, now… About this so-called “Real Little Red Corvette” as she calls herself.

    I won’t deny that Miss Mi-Ling Stone Poole must truly believe LRC to be about her. Ain’t know telling where this gossip came from. She admitted that someone (T.C. Ellis) that knew Prince, as in a third-party, told her it was about her. Lol. For one, I wouldn’t be proudly owning up to a song about a promiscuous, Saturday night, let’s get it on sex romp, but hey, if it gets that Princely money coming, why not, go for it, Mi-Ling? Lol. SMH. I’m going to ignore that Denise said during an interview “you know that was me back then…” in regards to Little Red Corvette. I’m going to ignore that Denise also said she owned a red corvette back then, too. But, honestly, there’s no telling what mess Prince fed these women. It could have been about Mi-Ling, Vanity, and many other women, or maybe just Lisa’s car he was sleeping in when the lyrics came to Prince’s purple, ever-so-genius, mind. Some thought The Beautiful Ones was about Susannah but it was about Denise (according to Prince words to the world who said “she knows” in regards to Denise). Miss Mi-Ling who, btw, has nothing about LRC mentioned on her social media, nor any obsess in Prince/Mi-Ling pics before Prince’s death, all of a sudden claims to be the woman behind the song and apparently has a book coming out about it. I am actually going to wait it out just to see her version of what she believes is the song’s meaning. I was done and over with the gossip about Mi-Ling until I stumbled across her social media pages (after doing a search on Little Red Corvette artwork–after seeing that auctioned item). Anyway, this stuff I’ve gathered gives me pause. She has her face and Prince’s face together as her profile on her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  emo_eyetwitch There’s even a drawing of her and Prince that she shared. Who made it, I’ve no clue. Mi-Ling wasn’t around after by 1980 and also said she wasn’t with Prince long enough to be serious. Ok, I’m going to just put it out there that this woman seems obsessed with not only the idea that she’s the “real little red corvette”, but obsessed with Prince. Since his death, it’s all about her being his Little Red Corvette, and how she had him on his knees (while her husband sat in the audience), and how she (LRC) was number 4 on the music charts. I saw so much of what appears to me as an obsession (even if the story about LRC is true), I don’t see anything good out of her suddenly trying to come out with a book on some third-party ish, after Prince’s death. Why didn’t she ask Prince first if the song was about her and why didn’t she inform him before his death that she wants to write a book about the song? This woman is a mess, ya’ll. But anyway, I’ve screen-captured some stuff that you can see below. Lol.

    emo_searching  There’s a lot more that I didn’t even bother with, but….

    Looks like in one of her post (the one where she say she’s number 14) she’s tweeting to Barak Obama, Kanye West, and someone else! Barak Obama needs to know this? Lmao. Who knows, maybe his death brought back memories to her from when she was dancing to LRC when it was a hit on the radio without knowing it was about her until the third-party. Smh. Pri-Ling Galore!
    My head hurts now. I’m out. Time for my emo_zzz