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    I used to like her…I thought she was a positive force in Prince’s life but after reading this I was summarily disappointed…there is never enough money in the end…the $6 million dollar home was not sufficient for Miss Testolini she had to have the his songs, memorabilia and everything else she could get her hands on as well? Why not his publishing rights too? Make him her slave?

    lol. She got him good! She came in on a married man and married him herself… I can’t say much about her because I don’t know enough info on her, but I’m sure she knew Prince was married when she was trying to like on him.

    Yeah I can’t say she is a person I’d care to know…and the whole bit about Ms Testolini rejecting about the disclosure because it could put “…her and her family at risk..” is LOL The only thing being hurt here is her reputation!

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