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    Anyone know why Nasty Girl was on Prince’s setlist throughout the years? I’m guessing not. He didn’t play but a few seconds of it, but I didn’t hear any other Vanity 6 or A6 songs played in his later years. Why that song in particular, I wonder. I listened to a concert he did in 2014, iirc, and he briefly played Nasty Girl and said to the audience “who wrote this?”. I’m also positive he played it in 2015 or 2016, and not to forget that remix in 99 as well. Now I thought I read from Toban, and I’m pretty sure Denise wasn’t lying, when she said she started off writing that song and that Prince added on to it. So anyway, a screenshot of what I’ve gathered from site about Prince playing Nasty Girl. Screenshot_2017-09-23-04-38-06_1

    HA! I think we know why he played that song so much It reminded him of her…  He missed her!

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