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    Oh wow. I never read her book. I did read on the internet about some of the stuff she said. What did she say about Prince and Vanity? I know a little about the thunderbolt thing but just pieces of info. Did the book leave you thinking she made Prince out to be the bad guy?

    Yes it did. He came across as a stingy, defective, and unfaithful man. While she came across as a fighter, faithful, loving, chaste, and altogether perfect woman who never wanted more from him than to be loved. It was an awful book that left me very angry. She didn’t even say anything about his relationship with Vanity nor with Susanah whom, to me, seemed his best choices in women!


    That’s crazy she would do that to him and on the anniversary of his death! I actually feel sorry for all those women P did wrong. I’ve no one in particular to choose when it involves how he treated not just his women, but his friends and all. I love Prince as an artist, but he definitely had some side-eye stuff going at some points. Lol. Even though he did a few wrong, he deserves better than someone to wait til after his death and throw him under the bus to the world. How do we even know everything is accurate and real truth? I think she was very much hurt behind him kicking her to the curb and whatever else he did before the public that hurt her. Scorned and seems like getting revenged while making a profit. Wow.

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